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Simran has a doctorate in history and enjoys reading and dabbling in writing. Her passion for the written word has inspired her to become the founding member of two book clubs in Chandigarh, India. As social work is close to her heart, she regularly volunteers with a city-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Sahayta.

Mentoring and being engaged in various charitable causes gives her immense satisfaction. She has been involved with Sikhya right from its inception and has seen the girls grow into confident young women. To her, being a part of their journey of possibilities and achievements is a rewarding and constant learning experience. 

As a parent of three young adults, she’s well aware of the importance of the right guidance and counsel at the right time. Sikhya gives her a platform to reach out to talented young students armed with expectations and anxieties. She also conducts communication skills classes in a grooming program run by a friend. She hopes to inspire young women and promote positive thinking for personal and social growth.