Sarita is one of Sangeeta’s older sisters. When Sangeeta dropped out of college, her Sikhya mentor spent considerable time with Sangeeta’s mother and two older sisters. In one meeting, Sarita expressed her frustration saying, “I keep telling Sangeeta, if I had someone who believed in me like Sikhya believes in you and I had someone to guide me, I would have no trouble reaching my dreams.”  The mentors felt like it was an easy decision to extend an invitation to Sarita to join the Sikhya community. Sarita is an accomplished boxer and has competed in many state level championships. Before she joined Sikhya, she was working on her undergraduate degree through a correspondence program. With Sikhya’s help, she is pursuing her dream to become either a police officer or a physical education teacher. Sarita is a very disciplined, hard-working and capable young woman.