Sarika is currently completing the first year of her bachelor of arts at a local government college. It is through sheer hard work, determination and self-reliance that Sarika was able to score a first-division in her 12th-grade national board exams. This is a tough feat to accomplish without tutoring in India, but Sarika is fiercely independent and did not want her mother to spend the family’s very limited financial resources on getting her a tutor. What makes Sarika’s first division even more remarkable is the fact that she earned it while balancing academics and sports. Sarika is an avid and accomplished athlete, playing several sports including softball, badminton and field hockey. Sarika is now attending college on a sports scholarship and often travels for state and national level competitions with her college team. Sarika’s dream is to either join the Indian Army so she can keep India’s borders safe or become a teacher and return to her native village since she believes children in the villages do not have access to quality education.