Sangeeta is the youngest of the three girls in her house. Her parents are from Nepal and moved to the Chandigarh area 20 years ago. Her mother, who never went to school, works at her daughters’ school as a helper where needed — kitchen, garden, cleaning etc. Household chores are divided between Sangeeta and her two sisters and her responsibility everyday is to collect water. She wants to study more so she can become someone. She believes it’s important for girls to study so the whole country can prosper. Paintings make her happy and her dream is to become an artist and go to college. Her parents want to fulfill all of their daughters’ dreams, but feel like they don’t have enough money to make that happen. They say as long as they are able, they’ll do what they can and are grateful that Sikhya was free of cost.

After graduating from high school, Sangeeta was deeply disappointed that she didn’t get accepted into the art school of her choice. Through network connections, the Sikhya mentors were able to get Sangeeta admitted into an arts program at the local government college. Sangeeta attended college intermittently and in the third month of her first year, she fell ill with tuberculosis. While her mentor assisted Sangeeta’s family in contacting the college and setting up a plan for Sangeeta to stay up to date with her work, Sangeeta had a hard time coping and she finally dropped out. During the summer of what would have been the end of her first year of college, Sangeeta surprised her mentor with the news that she had reapplied to the graphic design program at the art college of her choice and but had been accepted into the sculpting program. Sangeeta is now finishing up her first year and even though she didn’t get into the program of her choice, she’s making the most of her opportunity.