Laxmi is the oldest of five sisters and an infant brother.  When her family migrated from the village to the city, Laxmi’s paternal grandparents decided to have Laxmi stay back with them. In 2016, at the age of 18 years, Laxmi moved to the city to be with her family.  She graduated 12th grade from the village school but the quality of education she received has not allowed her to apply for higher education. Laxmi is Durga’s neighbor and joined Sikhya through Durga’s request. As her younger sisters all grew up in the city, they have all received a decent school education and are comfortable with city life so Laxmi has a lot to learn and catch up on. She is spending the first year learning English, taking basic computer skills courses, and getting used to city living with the help of the Sikhya mentors and her friend Durga. During this time Laxmi is also getting guidance and counseling from the mentors to figure out what she would like to study.