Ekta is an only child and her parents are from the state of Uttar Pradesh and moved to the city when she was 4 years old. Her parents married when her mother was only 13 years old, was not educated beyond second grade and now works as a housemaid. The family lives in the servants’ quarter of the house where her mother works. In 2006 Ekta’s mom suffered from tuberculosis and has since not fully recovered. Due to her failing health, Ekta is responsible for all the housework, which she says she’s happy to do knowing how hard her mother works all day to financially support the family.

Ekta first joined the Sikhya community when she was in grade 12,  but dropped out during college. After she graduated with a bachelor’s degree she reached out to her Sikhya mentor, Simran Grewal. She said she’d done some serious thinking and realized that the prospect of receiving support at so many levels was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and she wanted to make the most of it. She’s currently attending a program to earn her diploma in marketing and hopes to apply for an MBA in the coming year. She is currently in an internship with one of the Sikhya mentors, Simrit Kaur, who is a chartered accountant and runs her own firm. Ekta is extremely dedicated to her work and puts all her time into her education, internship and helping her mother.